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An overview of Teen Challenge with the founder David Wilkerson.



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Contact Information:
Address: PO Box 72

                  124 Furman Street

                  Syracuse, NY 13205

Phone: (315) 478-4139
Fax:       (315) 472-0668


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An Overview of Teen Challenge


Teen Challenge is a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, which believes in a total cure for the whole man. In 1958, David Wilkerson went to New York City to minister to the "street kids" who were involved in fighting in the streets and in crime of every sort. At that time Reverend Wilkerson was not aware of the fact that along with the incredible rate of crime, there existed an even more menacing problem... DRUG ABUSE!

Today, Teen Challenge has grown to be the largest non-profit, private endeavor of it's kind in the world. Teen Challenge has male and female centers for both adults and juveniles. Presently Teen Challenge has 202 centers in the United States and Puerto Rico, and almost 800 worldwide.


Teen Challenge provides the help needed by both men and women to be reestablished in society after they have addressed, through counseling and biblical teachings, their life-controlling problems. Teen Challenge helps restore broken lives!


Students are involved in a loving and well-disciplined environment. This includes counseling, group interaction, religious activities, academic instruction, recreation and vocational training. Community outreach programs and church attendance are required.

Students go through our program in 2 phases and upon successful completion they have the opportunity to move toward additional training and education or return home.


After completion of the program, 72 percent of Teen Challenge graduates continue their education, 75 percent are employed, 87.5 percent do not require additional treatment for substance abuse, and 92 percent report good-to-excellent health. In short, Teen Challenge transforms drug addicts who are blights to their communities into valuable citizens who are benefits to their communities. More information on actual studies conducted on the program can be found on our national website:

How Time At Teen Challenge Changes A Life...

Come in troubled..........leave at peace.
Come in cussing...........leave praising.
Come in dishonest........leave as a man of honor and integrity.
Come in full of hate.......leave filled with God's love.
Come in with no hope...leave filled with Good News.



Teen Challenge is solely funded by contributions from people who believe in our mission to restore lives. Those who need our help the most can least afford help. Your gift gives someone the chance to change his life. Please consider a donation to Teen Challenge.

You can mail a check directly to:

PO Box 72

124 Furman Street

Syracuse, NY 13205

Click here for online giving.


We are supported primarily by donations. Your prayers for us and your financial support are greatly appreciated.